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"It's enormously captivating - music that's bleak and heavy as hell, but so grand that it swells the heart like a balloon."
- No Clean Singing

"Kosmogyr are a force of emotive violence, a band as capable of sundering you limb from limb as deftly pulling upon the tender strings of your heart."
- Toilet Ov Hell

"...emotive, fluid, and relentlessly pretty."
- Noisey

" once beautiful, yet violent and destructive as hell."
- Heavy Metal Tribune

"Eviternity is a hideously enjoyable feast of venomous, violent music."
- Indy Metal Vault


released March 30, 2018

All words and music by Kosmogyr

Xander Cheng: guitars and bass
Ivan Belcic: vocals and drum programming

Mixed and mastered by Xander Cheng

Original painting by Larissa Belcic & manipulated by Kaine Lyu
Album packaging by Kaine Lyu
Kosmogyr logo by Ivan Belcic




Kosmogyr Prague, Czechia

Contemporary black metal made collaboratively by two people in Shanghai and Prague.

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Track Name: The Wane
A task divine, with Healing blessings cleanse
A legion loyal, shadow-clad in united cause

I, the Holy Blade with silver radiant
Mentors of the moon, swallow my despair

O derelict town, I raise you in crusade
Abyssal voices guide my bloodied hand in your name

In ceaseless suffering, must I forever reign?
Cursed abomination of beastly blood

Lost to the blood, in abject tyranny
Is this my redemption at last?

I, the Holy Blade, light's chosen once more
Mentors of the moon, sing to me in repose
Track Name: Quiescent
Ash yield omniscience as clouds obscure
Fountains from their palms
Foreboding giants

What of the ones who put out their eyes?
Are they granted semblance of sight?
Beseeching, bless us as well
Burrowed beneath the watchful gaze

A name lost in detritus
Cradling a cratered head cast down in resignation
It spoke to us, once

There’s a solace in insight
Blanketed in supposition
Fractal outgrowths obscure
Bound together in the fall

Eyes implanted along the inner
Cry for blessings unattained
I, a penitent petitioning
My curdled husk, frozen, remains

Spiral through paths unending
Howl to callous ears
Conjure remnants fading
A sliver appears
Track Name: Eviternity
On kneaded soil, sparse imprints wander
Ensconced in solitude
Circling beneath the tower, a cavalcade of failures

Through mirrored haze await opalescent figures

To harvest goes yearning falcon
With zeal behind her eyes
Twin relics remain, belying foregone butchery

In ruin collapses the sky
Swirling in vain, in shambles
Forgive us this vile gesture
O ruined hamlet

Emerging with hand outstretched
Fading on somber shore
Wailing one, a final hope
Alabaster immortal
Track Name: Frailty
Fall by anointed edge
Trusted haft at ready
Forged in faith enduring
Relic of dogma lost
As the cycle begins
With brother amber-clad
Once more into the horde
All mercy forsworn

This righteous endeavor
Twin starlings
Aegis in moonlight
Ungodly, now severed
Catharsis in brittle melody

Through these murky waters wade
Struggle to surface
Draw breath on blessed day
In shackles succumb

Dear darling of hazy visage
To arms of hope return
Salvage the genuine
By song to awaken true

Tear them all out
Cut them all down

Deliverance an option foregone
Effigy blackened sundered and lost
For a moment, clarity frail
Remnants subsumed and carnage prevails
Track Name: Iridescent
Beguiling eyes they divide
With crumbling glares deaden
Fallacious to remain
Decency shall they possess

Mellifluous flame
Gaze across the farthermost
Cast in utter debris
A baleful reminder

Forfeit it may
When we deprave
Fear not the flame
As we shall decay

Law's mournful ends defied against elated design
Lingering echoes for an immutable sere line
Iridescent shape sundered the last adamants
Cry in reveries and summon indifference

Fathomless void, dim-lit and solitary
Foresee the past under crimson moonrise

Forfeit it may
When they deprave
Fear not the flame
As they shall decay
Transcending, deceiving, dismaying
If once allowed

O dear fate
Let it come to wither away

Set them in another laceration
While portraying a trembling day
Track Name: Vision
Bent in solemn furtive toil
Starward stretch with shackled sight
Cultivate within our godhood
Beckoning for exalted union

To the convergence venture
There harvest holy blessings

Trace essence of our forbearers
From labyrinthine coils culled
Hail, sacred restoration
Glorious once-dormant gift

Begin the sacred ministration
Endless the ancient boon
In throes of hallowed reverence,
A bygone augury rings

Ingest the artery to ascend the cerebral
Imbibe the curative to fortify the vessel

Petrified in vacuous desertion
Wreathed eternal in unquenched flame
Track Name: Thalassic Lunacy
Wrought iron and chain-laced sarcophagi
Cobblestones bathed in moonlight
Polished slick by shambling footfalls
A ritual assembly gathers

As the moon descends, so do they all into madness
Reveling in unchained secrets
Unwitting hosts of ruin and rot

Come to me, ye unwitting outsider
Traverse my streets and give no quarter
Band together in blood-drenched union
Blades united in eternal purpose

Even in death we are never alone
Bound in slumber unending

As the moon descends, so do they all into madness
Reveling in unchained secrets
Unwitting hosts of ruin and rot

Embrace this bloody burden
An ancient choice already made
Take the mantle of so many fallen
Shepherds through this endless night

Ever in dreams we are never alone
Bound in slumber unending

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